Volunteer with Us

Thank you so much for choosing to have an impact on election reform. Here are the top five tasks that Voters Choose needs your help with:

1. Sign Our Petition
Every signature counts. Our petition is a major advocacy tool that allows us to show Tustin officials and other potential supporters that Voters Choose represents a significant pool of voters.

2. Write a Letter / Email to Tustin’s City Council
Direct communication with your representatives on behalf of Voters Choose goes a long way towards showing the council that electing reform is a substantial issue for Tustin voters. Here’s a form letter to help get you started.

3. Print a Poster for your Street-Facing Windows
Help spread the word about Voters Choose! Tell your friends and neighbors about us. This project doesn’t work without advocates like you in Tustin communities. You are our best resource.

4. Canvas with Us!
Help Voters Choose face-to-face with the Tustin community and create hands-on impact on voter reform! Contact us at voterchoose@gmail.com with the subject line, “Canvas” to join our team!