Volunteer with Us

We need your help! Volunteer for Voters Choose and make a difference in your community! We need local advocates and researchers in every community.

Thank you so much for choosing to have an impact on election reform. Here are the top five tasks that Voters Choose needs your help with:

  1. Start a Chapter
    Contact us about starting a chapter in your town.
  2. Donate or Fund a Project
    Your donations can help any of our initiatives, research, or chapters.
  3. Help us organize an event
    Get in touch with our team or a local chapter to organize an event in your area about elections.
  4. Spread the Word
    Follow us on social media and talk to your friends and family about Voters Choose and your local elections.
  5. Canvas
    Help Voters Choose within your community and create hands-on impact on voter reform! Contact us with the subject line, “Canvas” to join our team!