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Voters Choose seeks out bright, passionate, and mission-driven people like you. Join our team and support it today to make a difference in your community!

Here’s How You can HELp

Spread the Word

To engage a nation of unrepresented peoples, we need your help to spread our mission and our message. Share our website with family and friends, follow us on social media, and use any of our research and advocacy materials when you do.

These resources are here for you to make the case that elections should work better for everyone in your community. Change starts with you, your family, your neighbors, and your friends.

Join a Chapter

Our team members research and organize for change in their home communities first. Find out if you live near a Voters Choose chapter and start leading or supporting a project today.

Fund a Project

Our projects are possible through the generous support of members and donors who believe in them and the young people leading them. Donate to support any of our initiatives, research projects or specific chapters. We hold ourselves accountable to our donor community and share what your contribution supported in our work.

Start a Chapter

If you do not live near a Voters Choose chapter, we would love to help you establish your own! Contact us at if you would like to learn more information about our chapter formation process.