Research: Read Our Reports and Analysis

Two Voters Choose members showcase the team's research for their community.

What does voters choose research?

Our members develop research questions based on their experiences and community voices. These questions allow Voters Choose to propose policy solutions.

Questions our researchers might answer include:

  • Who goes unrepresented in American elections today, and what do they want out of government?
  • What are the effects of a reform idea for a community?
  • How can government officials be more accountable to voters?
  • How can electoral rules encourage and allow more people to vote?
  • Which rules are easiest, simplest, fairest, and cheapest to implement?

what has Voters Choose researched?

Our team develops current research on pressing issues surrounding elections, voting and politics in America. You can access our published reports through the buttons below.

Rank and Add Reports

Voters Choose has developed data-driven evidence about Rank and Add, one of its signature proposals for better American elections.

Reports on Other Reforms

For any rule that we support, there are many alternatives that other groups support. Find out our assessment on proposals we ultimately do not consider as effective for communities.