Our Chapters

Our chapters are local, independent groups committed to our organizational goals. Chapters focus on locally-inspired projects for improving elections in their community. These projects stem from assessments of community needs and discussions with community leaders. Chapters often have two main types of members:

  1. Citizen Advocates — Our citizen advocates work to educate communities about their elections and ways to improve them. Advocates focus on voter registration and candidate forums, and discussions about possible reforms. They also focus on discussing these reforms with community leaders and serve as key organizers.
  2. Researchers — Our researchers focus on local and national research projects regarding electoral reform. These researchers often work in collaboration with Citizen Advocates to find areas to study in their communities.

Tustin, CA

Tustin Voters Choose

Tustin is our original home base and first chapter, where Voters Choose first started working for local election reform. Tustin Voters Choose is currently focused on community-oriented research on City Council and School Board elections and how they can be improved. Read our Tustin White Paper to find out about our latest research!

Cambridge, ma

Harvard Undergraduate Voters Choose (HUVC)

A recognized student organization and the center point of our efforts in the Cambridge area. Club members help develop our grassroots campaigns in the cities surrounding Cambridge, as well as collecting election reform research and learning about community organization.

In 2018, HUVC collaborated with the Harvard Undergraduate Council (UC) to reform elections at Harvard. The Harvard UC now elects its members and President/Vice President using our Rank and Add system.